Hello Kinky World! Je parle aussi francais, vous pouvez visiter mon siteweb bilingue pour plus d’informations.

I am Jenilee, your Goddess, a 30 year old drop dead gorgeous sadistic, sensual and expertly skilled french domina and foot fetishista with 12 years of experience in the fetish world and 8 years of experience offering pro-sessions from my dungeon in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and around the world! I love to travel so watch for travel dates to your area- I am currently in Spain.

WHATSAPP : +1514-516-2369

I offer two types of sessions to cater to the fetishist’s needs. The first type is a kind of soft and sensual fetish session with an erotic flavour, focused on the art of Foot Worship, including the adoration of my beautiful feet and toes, aswell as my legs, pantyhose, shoes and socks depending on your particular tastes.


The second type is BDSM based domination sessions where I am Queen and you are my slave. I am a sadist and love to give pain to the whiling victims I receive. When you are at my service you will find yourself taken on a journey through the mind, the body and the senses. I expertly find and push the limits of all those who dare to be at my feet.

I partake in most fetish practices, so it’s easier to mention my NO’s then to list all of my YES’s. My HARD LIMITS are as follows:

NO SEX, no cutting or blood play (but needles yes), no scat, no branding or scarification and golden showers & strapon play are at my discretion as VIP services for my cleanest and most respectful slaves. You must first prove yourself to me as such- fulfilling my requirements for a VIP experience.

You can reach me on whatsapp at +1514-516-2369 for information to book your experience with me and you can also visit my website for more information at the following address:

Barcelona, España.

Madrid, España.